Note from Our Town Supervisor


– a message from Christopher Kennan

Dear Residents of Millerton & North East:

The thought that guided me today is this: we’re all in this incredibly difficult and stressful time together, we will emerge from it at some point, but we will all need to pull together to get there.

We’re all in this thing together, we’re all in the same boat.I was on the phone with County Executive Molinaro earlier this afternoon, and he confirmed what had been rumored, which is that cases of COVID-19 coronavirus have been identified in every municipality in Dutchess County, including ours. And that New York State is the epicenter of the virus in the US.

This just reinforces that we can and must help “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 infection by staying home and following County and State guidance (see below).Here is some of the basic guidance we have all been hearing, but which bears repeating:

– Remain indoors as much as possible, except for trips to pick up food and medications, or for solitary exercise outdoors.

– Continue to wash your hands frequently, and avoid touching your face. Use hand sanitizer if available.

– Maintain social distancing of 6 feet from others; avoid crowded places.

– Keep surfaces clean with sanitary wipes. Out of the home, wear gloves when pumping gas, opening doors, and touching public keypads. Or shopping carts!

– If you feel you might have COVID-19 symptoms, call your doctor before going to their office.

If you can’t reach them, call the Dutchess County COVID-19 Hotline at 845-486-3555

Dutchess County Drive-through Testing: Nuvance Health, in cooperating with Ulster and Dutchess Counties, has established two drive through facilities for COVID-19 testing of pre-screened individuals. One is on Rte 9D in Fishkill, the other is in Kingston, across the river. Please note that you will need an appointment which can be made pursuant to a doctor’s prescription. This is the link for more information:

Here are some additional useful links:Business assistance from Dutchess County:

Dutchess County has collaborated with local businesses to create the Dutchess Business Notification Network (DBNN) which shares important updates, guidelines and information that businesses will need to have moving forward during this coronavirus pandemic.

The DBNN website is: https://dutchessbnn.comNew York State COVID-19 website

— Information on NY State resources, including assistance to businesses:

Information on paid sick leave for employees:

Important Local Programs:The North East Community Center (NECC) has been focusing their many programs towards supporting our community through this time. They are continuing to provide transportation services to people in need of transport for grocery shopping, pharmacy pick-up, and non-emergency medical appointments. Their after teen and school programs are continuing, now as an on-line, virtual program. They are also organizing food and other supplies for delivery or curb-side pick-up. Christine Sergent is the Executive Director of NECC and can best be reached by email at The website for NECC is

More information on ways residents can volunteer to help others will be forthcoming. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Stay strong, stay healthy.

– Chris KennanWork


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